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    The median home price in Lyndhurst, NJ is $564,000. Currently, there are 61 homes listed in Lyndhurst which include 4 condos, 1 foreclosures. Get started by checking out the most popular home & the most saved home by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate homebuyers in the last 30 days. When you are ready to explore homes, read what Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have to say about Lyndhurst and discover homes for sale in Lyndhurst.

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    The Last Affordable "Manhattan Borough" 10/07/2016
    If you are looking for a city with under a 20 minute commute to Manhattan by train, bus or drive Lyndhurst is it. And with a local school system which is constantly improving itself with new programs and facilities for our children Lyndhurst NJ is a great place to raise a family. Compared with many other NYC Boroughs it continues to be reasonably priced. This opportunity won't last forever so come see why so many others wish to live in this great city. AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT 10/22/2019
    Mariachi Grill on Ridge Road has excellent, authentic Mexican food! Empanadas are OUTSTANDING!! Voted one of the "Best" in New Jersey!! Best Parks! 09/20/2017
    Lyndhurst is a best kept secret! Boasting 2 train stations, awesome shopping, and simply the best parks in southern bergen county!

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