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    The median home price in Harrison, NJ is $569,900. Currently, there are 20 homes listed in Harrison which include 3 condos, 0 foreclosures. Get started by checking out the most popular home & the most saved home by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate homebuyers in the last 30 days. When you are ready to explore homes, read what Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have to say about Harrison and discover homes for sale in Harrison.

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    Great Italian Restaurant in Harrison, NJ 11/04/2016
    My favor Italian restaurant in Harrison. Bruschetta is amazing! The food is consistently good. The prices are moderate. The atmosphere relaxed and comfortable. Reasonable prices. Restaurants close to Red Bulls Stadium 11/11/2017
    The town is buzzing with new restaurants opening next to the Red Bulls Stadium. They are diverse and interesting cuisines. Check them out.

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