Top 10 Questions to ask at an Open House

    Top 10 Questions to ask at an Open House

    Jan 29, 2018

    We love doing open houses!  They're a great way to introduce our listings to potential prospects and meet new people!   Buyers don’t realize they can learn a lot more about a community and a property by simply engaging in a little more conversation than “where’s the kitchen”?  Don’t be afraid to ask! 

    Here are our Top 10 Questions Buyers should ask at an Open House. 

    1. What recent updates have the homeowners done?

    2. What are the HOA fees? And do they include the amenities or are there memberships for social, sports, golf,


    3. What percentage of the community are full time residents?

    4. How soon can the seller close?

    5. Can you grill on the lanai?

    6. Does the community allow pets? Any restrictions on size or quantity?

    7. How many units are in the community?

    8. What are the rental policies in the community?

    9. Does the home come with a home warranty?

    10. What are the taxes?