How to Attract a Serious Buyer

    How to Attract a Serious Buyer

    Sep 21, 2017

    How to sell your Home is the first 6 weeks:

    Every home seller asked these two most important questions. “How much is my house worth?” and “how long will it take to sell my house?” Most home sellers sometimes rely on their neighbor’s recent experience selling their home for the answers to these to questions especially when their neighbor’s house took 6 months to sell. This will leave them thinking they could also be able to sell their house in 6 months but actually, it doesn’t exactly go that way. There are many factors that determine how fast a house will sell.

    But how can you sell a home faster. Follow these few useful tips.

    ·        Update Your Landscaping

    The landscaping is the first point of attraction for prospective home buyers, which makes it a very important part of the buyer’s experience. You may already have a lovely landscaping, but it necessary to make it look new by adding some new mulch, removing any dead vegetation, and planting a few bright and colorful flowers which will make your home more appealing. And all these can be done in a day or two with very little amount of money, contingent on the size of your yard. But if you have no landscaping at all, adding it for the first time can be more expensive and might take days or weeks to finish. 

    ·        Add New Paint And Flooring

    It is easy to feel as though your paint and floors are good enough since you have been living and walking in your home and they all still seem OK to you, but you actually need to compare them to other homes on the market. If other homes for sale in your price range are providing new paint ad flooring, then your home is going to show that those other homes are better than yours and you will be assisting to sell those homes. Your home will only stay on the market until there are no other homes with new paint and floors available. It’s just the nature of the business. If your carpet or floors are more than 5 years old, it’s best you replace them.

    ·        Move out or make it appear that you have moved out

    The truth is vacant Homes in real estate normally show much better than homes that are occupied. It can be really tough for prospective home buyers to imagine their furniture and accessories in a home that is loaded with other people’s things. So the best action to make is to completely move out and stage the home to sell. This makes you stand the chance of getting a good offer because your home will always be accessible for showing and always ready to be shown to buyers. If moving out won’t be possible, then you can rent a storage unit and move as much things out of your house as possible.

    ·        Pricing It Right

    Irrespective of how well you refurbish and stage your home, it is still necessary to price the home correctly. You should consult a local real estate agent and go to online to check several real estate sites to see what similar homes are going for in your area. It is not really necessary to be the lowest priced home on the block, especially after many important improvements have been made. Yet, it is vital that the listing price is not out of line with other similar homes in the market. You should try putting yourself in the buyer's shoes and then see what price is fair. You can also have friends, neighbors and real estate experts tour the home and weigh in as well.