Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

    Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

    Jan 29, 2020

    Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

    From neighbors to guests to buyers, people are noticing your home’s curb appeal! Be sure your home exterior is making the right impression by avoiding these common curb appeal mistakes.

    Completely Forgetting About Curb Appeal

    When selling your home, it is vital to captivate potential homebuyers as soon as they pull up to your property, and an untended or messy lawn could send the wrong message about the quality of your home. Lack of lawn care may suggest to homebuyers that the house also isn’t properly cared for, which could mean a costly investment for them. Even if you don’t have the means to lay new sod, take the time to clean up your yard to reinforce the impression that everything has been well cared for in and outside of the home. Removing brown leaves, dead branches, and weeds can make a big difference when selling your home or impressing guests.

    Clutter in the Yard

    If you are trying to entice new buyers, you need to remove all unnecessary items from your lawn – just as you would decrease the clutter inside of your home. This is like staging for your landscape. The most important curb appeal tips are to remove any shoes outside of the front door, decrease the lawn art, arrange your outdoor furniture and living spaces appropriately, remove toys, and untangle the yard hose and put it away if running across your lawn.

    Outdated Fixtures

    Just as you should do inside your home, you’ll want to update any outdated outdoor fixtures to reinforce the impression that your home has been well taken care of. Old fixtures may instantly make potential homebuyers feel like many renovations are needed. To get started with these home upgrades, first, make sure that the front door of your home opens flawlessly. It may be very easy to turn off potential buyers by making them feel like it’s a chore just to get inside. Additionally, update all lighting fixtures to ensure potential buyers can easily see your home, even at night. For any gate handles, mailboxes, or signs, ensure that your fixtures are polished and updated for an overall look of refinement.

    Peeling Paint

    Even if the aesthetics, design, and appeal in your home are top-notch, peeling paint on the outside will leave a much more memorable impression – and not a good one. If repainting the entire exterior of your home isn’t an option, at least spend some time touching up the paint on the front of your house and painting the trim to enhance the curb appeal and encourage a positive impression as soon as people see it.

    It really only takes a few simple changes to enhance the curb appeal when you sell your home, so never underestimate the value of an impressive exterior. By avoiding these curb appeal mistakes, you can captivate potential homebuyers at first glance.

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