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    Being born and raised on Oahu and falling in love with what I grew up with, I've always known that I wanted to come home after graduate school to pursue a career. With knowing how saturated and crazy the housing market is in Hawaii, the idea about owning property seemed to be way out of reach for at least another couple of years. My mother suggested looking around at open houses just to get an idea on what I could potentially afford. As a first time homebuyer, I had zero knowledge of where to even begin. We stumbled upon an open house and that's where we first met Joshua Mun. He introduced himself in a very professional manner and wanted to get to know me and my background. After meeting each other at the first open house, he provided me with a booklet on the process of purchasing a property and the statistics/logistics of the housing market in Hawaii. He asked me specifics on what I was looking for in a first home and he complied a list of potential places that met my criteria. After visiting the prospective property multiple times, I knew I wanted to make an offer. Joshua went above and beyond to put in a good word for me with the seller, as there was an additional offer for the property. Because of him, the seller was able to sympathize with me in being a first-time homebuyer and the seller went with my offer. Joshua walked me through the escrow and inspection process very thoroughly and laid out the steps that I needed to take in order for everything to go smoothly. The constant communication and updates were so helpful and insightful. Upon closing on the property, he found out that there was an additional parking spot available in the building for rent. He knew that an additional parking spot was one of my ideals, so he went out of his way and inquired with the seller to reserve the parking spot for me, so I was able to use it right away after receiving the keys. In fact, he traveled through a big storm just to hand me my keys; that is when you know you're working with a relator that will do anything for their clients. Even after closing, he has reached out to me asking if there are any other questions and he's always available if there are any concerns. From start to finish, Joshua has been a pleasure to work with and made my first home-buying experience effortless. I will highly advocate and recommend working with him for any future home purchases. - Michon Fuchigami (Makiki)
    Joshua Mun helped us purchase our first home. At first I knew nothing about what I needed or how to even prepare to purchase a home. So through the years Joshua has coached, and guided us through the process. He has done an amazing job working with us, explaining the process, and to help with our first purchase. I would highly recommend Joshua for your purchase because he's attentive to your needs. - Shirley Xiao & Jordan Clemente (Makiki)
    Very professional and clear on everything. He takes every concern to a personal level and try to give you the best advice possible. Highly recommended - Veronica & Alonso Ninalaya (Pearl City)
    Very professional, definitely knows the Hawaiian market like the back of his hand. He cares very much about making sure your process goes smoothly. Josh is also willing to accommodate you anyway needed, even if that means going out of his way to help. I highly recommend Josh, as your go to agent no matter what price range you plan to budget. - Joshua Sappington (Honolulu)
    My wife, Mami and I first met Joshua in 2018 as we were first starting our search to buy a home. Although we didn’t find anything immediately and took a pause in our search due to our busy schedules and Covid, Joshua maintained contact through regular emails on current listings and occasional calls to see if we had any questions about the market or properties. Over the past three years, he did not try to hard sell us on any particular property or location, but listed carefully to understand our thought process, answer of our (numerous) questions, budget and how we were evaluating opportunities to help us refine our search and identify opportunities. Joshua is an exceptional realtor. He builds relationships with his clients to be a trusted advisor in the buying process. • When we started our search Joshua is very knowledgeable on local market dynamics, practices and economic conditions. He was quick to provide comparisons on current listings and recent sales, including condition, location and demand for the property we were considering • He was very honest and told us when he felt we needed to reevaluate our offers or expectations based on current availability, budget and current market conditions. He was not afraid to share his opinion, even though it may have been contrary to our own. It helped us to think through our priorities more thoroughly so we could make the best possible decision • While viewing condos, Joshua paid close attention to details that could be easily overlooked such as overall fit-and-finish of cabinets, countertops and appliances, quality of fixtures and materials, small ceiling cracks, location of parking and garbage chutes • Joshua was extremely patient in discussing pros/cons of each property, comparables and offers we were submitting. Since this was our first time purchasing a home in Hawaii, he took all the time needed to explain things thoroughly to our comfort and satisfaction. His knowledge of market conditions, insights, experience and guidance was invaluable • Joshua was available at all times during the day to accommodate my schedule, often taking calls or responding to texts late into the evening. We appreciated how quickly he answered our questions to give us time to formulate our next move • Throughout the offer and closing process Joshua kept us fully updated on the timeline and what was expected at each step (e.g. reviewing and approving documents, completing forms, inspections, payments, etc.). He explained the purpose of each document and items to be aware of or take into consideration. We didn’t have to track deliverables on our own since Joshua was there to assist and make sure things were done on time • During and after closing, Joshua helped us with any questions we had for our previous and new condo association for planning our move. He helped us reserve move out/move in dates, pre-move paperwork, provided recommendations for movers and contacted cleaners and others to make minor repairs to the unit. Joshua took a personal interest in our success and showed in the level of service we received. Mami and I have no hesitation in recommending Joshua to anyone looking for a real estate agent. We are proud to nominate Joshua for this award and wish him much success in the future. - Mami & Gregg Hirano (Honolulu)
    We recently completed a 1031 exchange and feel extremely fortunate that Joshua Mun was our agent. Joshua was instrumental in helping us find a replacement property. From the onset, he was so easy to work with; always pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. He was able to quickly ascertain our goals and needs. Being off-island and searching for properties posed some challenges; however, throughout the entire process, Joshua remained efficient and responsive, always open and honest about our options. He guided us through and kept us informed, ensuring a stress-free experience. We are so grateful and appreciative of his hard work and very happy with our new condo! We won’t hesitate to recommend him to our friends and colleagues. - Avis & Daryl Masuda (Kakaako, Big Island)
    *****Absolute Professional.***** I am not exaggerating with the 5 star review. As a first home buyer I had a lot of anxiety going into the market especially with our current times. I knew the agent that I was going to have to depend on the agent heavily cause I had minimal experience and resources going in. Fortunately I meet Joshua. I had a rough idea of what my wife and I wanted as our first home and Joshua quickly setup a couple of listings to view. To no avail we didn't decide to put offers on any in the first view. but Joshua stuck with us and quickly learned what type of houses that would peak our interest , until he found our perfect home. then from there his expertise really shown when it came to the documents needed, the and the professional network at his disposal from the lender to the inspectors. EVERYTHING was just a breeze. The way Joshua handled the whole experience was perfect. He was ready to explain anything and everything, very flexible and most importantly understanding of my needs and wants. Bottom Line! if you need an agent give Joshua a call. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. - Sunny & James Dean (Kakaako)
    Joshua Mun my Realtor did an extraordinary job during the whole process of purchasing the home! Josh was always in contact with me and my wife on making sure that we were looking at the house that fitted our budget and expectations. Once we found our dream home, he explained to us the whole bidding process and how to make our offer to be the best! Always looking for the client's best interest and well prepared to answer any question we had during the process. Excellent attitude towards customer's satisfaction! Josh made the whole process so easy and enjoyable that if we need to purchase another house without any doubts he will be our Realtor! He's part of our family!!!! - Roberto & Mayra Molina (Ewa Beach)
    Joshua provided the following exceptional services: 1. Always replies to many of my questions about real estate transaction, takes time to explain the regulations, rules and provides scenario to illustrate his answer. If he does not know the answer, he will research and reply to my satisfaction. 2. Always looks out for my interest in the agreement. Always points out things in the agreement or in inspection report to me to be aware of without being asked. He will point out deficiencies with the property and ask for my agreement before proceeding to seek remedies from the seller. 3. Always Recommends different vendors for home inspection, termite inspection, handyman etc. and always makes all the arrangements for the job and always let me know these arrangement ahead of time and no surprises. 4. Keeps close frequent contacts weekly via text messages, emails and phone calls to keep me abreast of the escrow progress and addendums to Sales agreement. Gives multiple reminders on documents needing signatures, appointments. This close personal contacts really helps to keep me meeting the deadlines for all the document signing, funding appropriation etc. 5. Always follows up on the sales addendums with the seller's agent. He will discuss with me options before writing up the addendum and always produces positive results. 6. He has a pleasant personality, always cordial, good manner. He always offers to help to deliver required funding to escrow for me, arranges meeting after hours to meet my work schedule. - Danny Cheung & Xiaoying Deng (Honolulu)
    It took 2 years for me to find my perfect first home. Joshua was very patient and listened to my needs and check list every step of the way. Easy to contact him at any time for questions. Highly recommend him! - Kate Oliver (Honolulu)
    I have a few friends who are realtors and initially reached out to a couple of them when we were searching for a home. However, it became clear early on that their follow through left a lot to be desired. I was fortunate to then find Joshua and my experience working with him even was like night and day. Joshua is extremely responsive and thoughtful. He doesn't just answer questions, he does research and provides you with more data or context that helps you as a client. Both my wife and I have busy careers and Joshua made it very easy for us throughout the entire escrow process. He went above and beyond by keeping things organized and offering to help with every aspect of the process, including taking measurements and researching matching paint colors. I wanted some work to be done on the home we were purchasing and Joshua helped me reach out to some vendors I had found to book consultation appointments to get the process going. Working with Joshua felt like I had my own personal realtor. Joshua greatly exceeded my expectations through his responsiveness and attentiveness. Buying a home can be a daunting task, especially in the current market environments. I don't think we would've been nearly as comfortable or happy with our experience if it wasn't for Joshua's service which I am absolutely sure is world class among his peers. - Dale & Judy Yasunaga (Honolulu)
    Joshua was awesome to work with! He never gave up on us and continued to try his hardest to help us find our first home, especially in this crazy market. He is very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. We will hopefully get to work with him again in the future! - Olivia, Randal & Mark Honour (Ewa Beach)
    Responsive, attentive, thorough, diligent and knowledgeable are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe the service received from Joshua. As a first time homebuyer, Joshua was patient, and answered my many questions thoroughly until I understood exactly what was going on. He is organized, and on top of every deadline and paper that needs to be signed, and never takes long to reply to any inquiry. His responsiveness and attentiveness to his clients is unmatched. When we decided to buy, Joshua got us a price that was less than what we were expecting to pay. I didn't fully understand the quality of service he was providing until my parents (who have bought and sold many properties) chimed in and mentioned how lucky we got being paired with Joshua. They said the quality of his service is "not normal" - meaning that he went above and beyond what most Realtors do. From lining up properties to look at, to doing the market research, to inspections and getting tradesmen scheduled and lined up, to the paperwork and signing process, Joshua made it seem so easy and seamless. We had an incredible experience using him as our Real Estate Agent and will be using him for future transactions moving forward. - Della, Blake & Greg Bushnell (Honolulu)
    Joshua helped us in every possible way that he can. He's always there when we needed him, and even helped us cleaned up to ensure that the house was very pleasing during its showing days. He ensured that everyone entered during the open house followed the covid-19 health protocols. Joshua has been very helpful and patient with explaining everything that was happening with selling our home, from the beginning to end of paperwork. He kept us updated through emails and texts messages and was always available if we had any questions or concerns. It was a great working with Joshua in selling our home. - Kristi, Roberto & Eduardo Santiano (Ewa Beach)
    Joshua is the best realtor I have ever worked with. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful. He made the process of buying a second home very easy, especially since I was buying the condo virtually while living in New York City. He showed me the condo multiple times, showing me every detail. I felt like I was there, even though I was buying it virtually. I dont think I would have been able to close on a property so quickly and easily if it werent for his help. He went above and beyond, even helping me find vendors and get estimates on renovation work. He even scheduled work with contractors and vendors for me. He is still helping me with the renovation work, and even giving me recommendations on where to buy furnishing and finishing for my new home even after we closed. He made everything so easy and so comfortable. I dont hesitate to ask him any question. He is always very knowledgeable and helpful. He always answers any phone call or text. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone in need of a realtor. - Gigi & Mike Safy (New York - Waikiki)
    Joshua has gone above and beyond, as has the agency. He is approachable and highly knowledgeable of the area and buildings. We purchased remotely as first time home buyers and had complete clarity of the process because of Joshua. Everything went smoothly, and when any obstacles came our way, he patiently and effectively helped us get through them and make the purchase. Highly recommend Joshua and the agency. - Sean & Christine Daley (Downtown Honolulu)
    Josh is the best broker ever. He provided me recommendations and suggestions to make the home buying process smooth. This is my first home and I really appreciated working with someone so nice, accurate, and reliable. Josh goes above and beyond in all aspects. I'm really lucky to have met and was able to work with such a professional and amazing broker like Josh. I will recommend Josh to everyone I know. He is skilled and knowledgeable about his profession. I wish Josh would sell houses everywhere in the world and not just Hawaii. I would definitely buy more house with him. In the future, I will always choose to work with Josh. He is the best broker hands down and second-to-none. My family purchased a condo through Josh too and they said compared to the many brokers that they have worked with he is the absolute BEST. Examples in which Josh went above and beyond: 1) FaceTime with me during Covid times 2) Respond to texts and emails promptly 3) Went to the store to get price comparisons for me since I am out of town 4) Let vendors into the property because I am out of town 5) Gave me recommendations on how to fix up my property and recommend vendors 6) Excellent customer service in every single interaction 7) Check in on me to make sure I am hitting all my deadlines to ensure closing of the house Also, I am writing this review as an impartial person. I did not know Josh before this. I just want to say if you want to buy a home in Waikiki and have a great experience then you should go with Josh too. - Stephanie Nguyen (Waikiki)
    Mr. Mun as an individual and a Realtor Agent was from the onset, a completely unknown to me. I was uncertain of myself ever becoming a homeowner too, but he rekindled my lack of self assurance in a manner that allowed an eventual rethink. During the months after our first initial sit down and actualize, I continued to confront my confidence and initiative based lack of effort. Mr. Mun did keep tab on me by allowing me insightful endeavors and accomplishments with Better Homes and Gardens. When I was ready to further identify with home ownership, Joshua gave his utmost. I was astonished, even grateful at in every sense. I began to understand measure for measure, his guidance. And, Joshua continues to help and provide assistance during this, my adaptive yet conditional stage of settling in. I believe Joshua's integrity stems from a similar background to mine, that of hard working reliance. I recognize many traits and his personality can't be reproached begrudgingly. I'd readily recommend this young man to any of my family or friends on the basis of professionalism and expertise. I highly regard his laurels and I'm sure he doesn't rest upon these unduly. - William Cortez Jr. (Aiea)
    Joshua Mun was a pleasure to work with. He kept me up to date every step of the way on what needs to be process. Joshua answered any questions or concerns I had immediately. Given a chance in the future he would be my first choice to work with. - Homer & Novella Mangahis (Ewa Beach)
    Joshua was excellent, He was very helpful and caring of my needs. He took his time and explained everything including fees and all details of my purchase. He went above and beyond my expectations. I definitely would use him again as my agent and recommend him to others. He was Great. - Jesse Toro II (Washington - Waikiki)
    Joshua just assisted with my 2nd unit acquisition in same building. His real estate knowledge from start to eventual sale helped me to understand each step in this process, making sure I understood each decision making process to insure my interests. I would refer family & friends to Joshua, whether buying or selling real estate. - Randall Hayashi (Waikiki - Repeat client)
    We started our house hunting during probably one of the most uncertain and difficult times to get help in this area. Not only that, but we were doing most of our hunting while off-Island in preparation for our military move. Joshua helped us by moving quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently through property choices, taking in-depth walkthrough video and photos of properties, sometimes later in the evening, sometimes in the morning, working with our schedules (myself being on California time and my wife being on East Coast time) to have conference calls regarding the properties. Joshua was able to quickly respond to all of our needs, including finding properties with no HOA (a rare find in this area) and enough yard for 3 full sized dogs (another rare find.) Joshua was able to find and research properties that fit these conditions and located the perfect one for us. Once the property was found, he worked with us to negotiate a price well below asking, as well as making great recommendations regarding potential credits that we may be able to ask for from the seller. Joshuas advice was crucial in securing a great home for a great price, and maintaining contact and confidence throughout each step. The process was as smooth as it could have been, and were extremely grateful for his skill and expertise. - John & Brittany Kristofferson (Ewa Beach)
    To say the Josh went above and beyond is a tremendous understatement! We first met Josh about a year ago when I was just browsing on Zillow and found a property I had some questions about. Josh was the point of contact for that property and answered my 10,000 questions, and spent a significant amount of time answering those questions thoroughly, as well as educating me on various aspects of the home buying process. I was very upfront with Josh that I was looking for a very specific property, in a very specific location, and with a very specific budget. I also told Josh that I just signed a rental lease and was not super serious about buying at that point in time. Josh never treated me like I was an inconvenience. He was extremely patient, kind, knowledgeable, forthcoming, and honest. He spent a lot of time showing us properties throughout the year, and never expressed frustration when we didn't like those properties or nitpicked every detail of each property we saw. Josh was constantly doing research for us on various properties to fine tune his understanding of our needs. Finally, he found the very specific property, in our very specific location, for our very specific price (actually WAY under our allocated budget). He stayed in constant contact with the seller's while we figured out if we were going to put in an offer. He literally drafted 10 drafts of our offer, again always patient and communicative. The purchase of our property went above and beyond smooth, and I whole-heartedly believe it is because of Josh's attention to detail. He masterfully coordinated every inspection and meeting to ensure all deadlines would be met on time. During our signing, he even entertained my 2-yo daughter so we could be fully present while signing. Also during Escrow, Josh set up quotes for various vendors for our remodel. He often came to the property several times a week to let various vendors in for measurements. He helped educate me on what to expect and what reasonable quotes would be (which he was always spot on with his estimates). Even after our sale was complete, he continued to suggest vendors, and coordinate/confirm dates with vendors to begin our remodel, to ensure we were taken care of. We are so incredibly grateful for Josh and definitely regard him as a friend, rather than just a realtor. Thank you, Josh! - Jose Padilla (Moiliili)
    Josh is extremely nice and helpful. I spent the first half of the home buying process while off island and without Josh it wouldn't have gone as smooth as it did. - Dylan Dinkel (Pearl City)
    We were impressed with Joshua from the beginning. It's obvious when talking to him that he is very knowledgeable, diligent and holds himself to the highest standards. When we chose Joshua to be our sales agent, we expected excellence and Joshua delivered! He was always prompt with follow ups but never pushy. He bent over backwards to make things work for me - even going above and beyond to help me figure out my taxes - when I didn't have all my necessary paperwork. He made sure everything was done in time, no matter what. That was definitely above and beyond. Most importantly Joshua is a class act with exceptional people skills. I highly recommend Joshua as a realtor - whether you are buying or selling - he will get the job done for you. - Eileen James, Anne & Cheung Lau (Waikiki/California)
    Joshua was great from the very beginning. We weren't really sure if we wanted to buy a home yet, but he was very patient with us and just wanted to give us information first. We were then pre-qualified to go house hunting and Josh was amazing! We had to look at over 17 places and he accommodated our busy schedule with his. He made anytime work, and was so easy to work with! He was very informative and knowledgable about the home buying process and what we would need to do for renovations if that's what we preferred. He was very helpful all around. We had a few issues with the seller's agent and other tenants/property manager, but he made everything go smoothly for us. - Caitlyn Amii & Dylan Kawada (Waikele)
    We are so happy to have met Joshua. I have been in contact with Joshua Mun for over a year prior to my move to Hawaii. He is responsive and thorough. He follows through and is easy and fun to work with. He has taken wonderful care of me and my family and had given us exceptional service during the search and purchase of our dream home. This was one of the best experiences we have had! Thank you Josh! - Regina & Khoa Nguyen (Waikiki)
    Joshua Mun provided outstanding service to me during the purchase of my new home in Honolulu. He performed impeccably from the first contact we had over the phone through the closing and final rekeying of my apartment. Joshua was my eyes and ears as I hadnt even seen the apartment until two weeks prior to closing. He was able to coordinate my inspections, showing for a friend who lives on Oahu and he took the time to explain the sales contract paragraph by paragraph along with recommendations of customary practices that helped me from making any missteps. His experience put me at ease and his generosity of time made me feel that I was important and valued as a client even though I joked with him that mine was most likely the lowest priced sale he had ever had! I would gladly refer future buyers to him knowing that they will be well served. - Donna Saymon (Waikiki)
    Joshua was very friendly and professional; he was an excellent help with providing us with options. He made us feel comfortable and understood our budget and knew the areas that would work for us. Joshua made our first home buying experience an educating, and enjoyable one. He was very prompt in finding results for us that suited our needs. I would recommend Joshua because of how easy he made the process for us. We were a little intimidated of the process hearing stories from family that purchased homes and got a little worried. In the end, we found a house that was in our price range and location was awesome!!! Joshua made us comfortable and there were no problems. We will definitely use Joshua again for our next home that we purchase. - Pua & Mahlon Kapule (Pearl City)
    Josh was a great help and was very quick to find and provide information on properties I was interested in. I never needed to look into pet policies on an apartment, he was already on the ball finding the information before I had a chance to ask :) Highly recommend. - Eldon Visitacion (Kaneohe)
    "A wise man once said, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". In our case, try 4,957 miles. You see, we had just recently moved last year from NYC to Honolulu with only a few suitcases containing our personal effects. We had no relatives nor any friends living on the island. It was just the two of us in an unfamiliar place. As soon as we arrived in Honolulu, knowing that we couldn't live out of a hotel forever, we needed to reach out to someone who knew the island well and can help us find a rental apartment as quickly as possible. Through a recommendation from one of my wife's coworkers (which in and of itself is another story for another time), that is how we stumbled upon Joshua. When we first contacted Joshua, we did not realize that he does sales and that it would be another team that handled rentals. So we had thought he was going to transfer us to someone else. But to our surprise he wholeheartedly offered to personally help us without any hesitation. He could have easily turned us down and spend his time more profitably elsewhere, but we soon realized as we got to know him better that that's just not him. If he can help you he will do so to the fullest. If I had to choose one of the many things that truly impressed us about Joshua, it would be this act of kindness and generosity. Even during escrow, when we could not physically be available to meet with vendors and inspectors, Joshua always stepped up and offered to meet them on our behalf. I've lost track now of how many times he's done that for us. And this is not to mention the times when he drove us to various appointments because I did not have a car available to me. There are just no words in the English vocabulary that can adequately describe his genuineness. His true character is on display in everything he does. You will not find a more dedicated realtor than Joshua. If in the future I ever travel back to the Mainland and someone asks me, "What is Aloha?", then with beaming pride, I will hand them Joshua's business card. - Ilene & Charlie (Hsi) Lee (NY/Kaka'ako)
    We were relocating from PA and NY for employment. We had one week to find a place to live then close in 35 days. Without having a realtor upon arriving in Honolulu and not knowing the area we began by scouting out open houses. On Sunday, January 26 we hit the ground running by mapping out 10 open houses. While reviewing the houses we spoke with each realtor explaining our unique situation and asking for them to basically drop everything and assist us for the next few days. Several realtors said they would be able to make us their top priority due to our strict time frame but it was Joshua Mun that actually did it. We weren't even at the next open house when we were already receiving texts and emails from Joshua with houses to check out within our criteria. He did this on his own, even without him knowing whether or not we were going to work with him. Joshua truly made such an impression on us in such a short time we knew he was the one. So we cancelled all other potential realtors and selected Joshua as our realtor. We began the next morning seeing house after house with Joshua. He made us feel like we were his only client. After numerous appointments, emails, texts we put several offers in on houses. But Joshua didn't stop there he continued showing us places just in case they didn't come through in our time frame. That being said 4 days later Joshua found us our home. We were in contract by Friday, January 29th, opened escrow and went back to PA/NY Saturday morning with the reassurance Joshua was going to continue to represent us as if we were family. He was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. His work ethics went above and beyond anything we ever expected and have seen in a long time. For the next 35 days he responded to all our inquiries, kept us informed and reminded us of each deadline. If we needed anything Joshua was there. He made the process seamless. In this day and age trust is a big thing especially living 5,000 miles away and within a several minutes Joshua won us over. He proved to be trustworthy and dependable. Even after closing he didn't stop. He's checked in on us to see if he could be of any further assistance. We feel we not only were represented by a professional realtor, we made a friend in the process. We would highly recommend Joshua Mun to anyone in need of a realtor. In the 35 + days Joshua Mun has gone above and beyond our expectations at every juncture of this process. This profession needs more realtors like Joshua Mun. - Thomas C. Abruzzo (Pennsylvania/Ewa Beach)
    Joshua Mun is a man who strives for excellence and is an outstanding realtor. He is on it on all phases of achieving my goal of finding a property that meets my satisfaction. I had not met him before logging on to Zillow but you would not know that with all the service he provided. Always quick to reply via email or text and help me with information I needed , such as construction estimates, escrow explanations, and reminders of where I needed to be on certain dates (closing, walk thru, termite inspection, etc.). As a novice, there is a world of details in buying real estate but Joshua guided me thru that maze with a clarity that gave me confidence in my  purchase. He found just the right property for me in a very timely manner, I was thinking how hard this road might be. Plus he went the extra mile for me, reminding me of important dates, and meetings coming up and offering to drive me there. He also dug up any information I asked and responded very quickly. I could not be happier with my new apartment and the process that led to that conclusion. Thank you Mr. Mun. - Gerry A Kubo (Waikiki)
    Joshua Mun is very professional and very throughout about every property we have visited. He would inform me of details and making comparisons between other properties to see the best outcome. I find this process very helpful especially as I am a first-time home buyer. He was attentive to my requests and I would recommend others to meet him if they decided to search to buy a property or selling a property. Joshua would be dedicated to make sure everything is going well and smooth on both ends. I have received excellent service from Joshua. At first meeting, I have shared my desires while looking for a property as a first time homeowner. I have been frustrated with other realtors especially with communicating as a Deaf person. He helped so much in the process by being able to communicate to ensure that we both are on same page. He would accommodate to my preferred communication modes. He is very responsive with my questions or concerns. For many places that Ive visited, he would be throughout on each property and make time to accommodate to my busy schedule as well. After the closing date, he still contacts me to make sure everything are going smooth especially when the building association is currently going through repairs. He puts a lot of effort to keep me in the loop as I was moving in the place. I would recommend him if you want thorough details and clear communication especially with what you want in a home. He tailors the search to your preference. - Peggy Liang (Moilili)
    Joshua was a pleasure to work with, and truly went above and beyond. While assisting us with the sale of my condo, he was available at just about any time day or night and he was willing to roll up his sleeves and personally help with any necessary work to prepare the unit for sale. He was excellent with communication and keeping us updated, and he was patient with all of our questions and concerns. Joshua is truly one who means it when he says he'll help in any way possible, and we are very pleased with his work. - The Bullocks (Utah/Hawaii Kai)
    Joshua is an excellent and dedicated Agent who walked us through the process step by step. We met Joshua at an open house and he took the time to help find the best home for us. Overall a great agent who was knowledgeable, helpful and paid attention to detail. He helped us with everything from selecting a home, to mortgage, to closing. He even took time to help us find contractors for renovations and some needed repairs. Everything was scheduled within two weeks of closing. He introduced us to a mortgage broker who was also excellent and honest and got us a great rate on a VA home loan. Without reservation I recommend Joshua for your home buying needs. Joshua is a great person who takes pride in his work. He will not let you down and will help you purchase the home of your dreams. - MiYong & Philip Berran (Makakilo)
    Joshua was very attentive in our investment purchase and matched us with the perfect seller. From the beginning to closing he kept up well informed and was quick to respond. We will definitely utilize he's services in the future. Joshua is young, passionate and very knowledgeable about properties that are available all around Honolulu. I know he will be very successful in this business. - Joyce & Jeffrey Harris (Ala Moana)
    When my wife, Jackie, and I entered our 70's, we knew that the time was near when we would sell our 10th floor condo and move to a retirement home. In May, I started looking seriously at the market and walked into Better Homes and Gardens and asked to speak to an agent. Thus entered Joshua Mun and the rest is history. Jackie and I knew that we were no longer young and strong enough to handle a sale without considerable help, and it was quickly obvious that Josh was physically up to the task, but what about attitude, focus, and the organizational ability to run a long-term sales campaign? Well, he thought he could do it, and we thought he could do it, and he did it! In fact, he seemed to get stronger as the various, often confusing aspects of the sale progressed. Not a bad quality, especially in the business that requires the ability to multi-task and quickly put the right piece in the puzzle. He thinks his age will appeal to young people looking for a home, but I think his strongest point is the desire to help the elderly accomplish their real estate goals. Yes, Joshua sold our property ($10,000 over asking price). He will sell yours too. Bet on it! - Jackie & Bob Paddock via (Hawaii Kai)
    Joshua was extremely diligent throughout the entire process, from looking for condos, to negotiating a price, to inspections and closing. The entire process was seamless. Very impressed with attention to detail and professionalism. Will use Joshua for future purchases. - Aaron Mun (Kaka'ako)
    Professional, considerate and patient; Joshua was an absolute pleasure to work. A tireless worker who had only our very best interests in mind. Joshua also impressed me with his integrity and honesty; we will use Joshua in our future real estate endeavors! - Christopher via (Newtown)
    Regarding finding a realtor, it would be pretty difficult to beat Joshua Mun. I can't say enough about how diligent, hard working, determined and PATIENT he is. Not to mention personable and engaging. Easy and relaxed to be with. There were no limits to what he would do to show us a house. We started seriously looking for a home in August. He took us every weekend and many evenings through the week. Sometimes showing us the same house twice if we wanted to. Once we moved into our new home, we counted and tossed specs on over 140 houses he showed us!! Never once seeming annoyed. We closed on this house and he is still helping us find contractors and calling daily to check in. We now think of him as a part of our family. He is literally...the best! - Chris and Mollye Kaiser via (Aiea)

    My Experience

    • English Instructor at various public and private schools in Beijing, China
    • Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty - Realtor Associate

    My Credentials and Memberships

    • 2019 & 2018 Better Homes and Gardens Silver Award - Top 15% Nationwide
    • 2020 Honolulu Magazine Best in Real Estate
    • Aloha 'Aina REALTOR® Awards Program Nominee - 2020, '19 and '18
    • Best of Zillow - Top 1% of Zillow Premier Agents
    • e-Pro - Using technology to educate Buyers and Sellers reach their goals!
    • Hawaii Real Estate License
    • Member of Honolulu Board of Realtors (HBR)
    • Member of National Association of Realtors (NAR)
    • Occidental College Alumni - '12
    • Mid-Pacific Institute Alumni - '08

    My Community Involvement

    • Asian American Jaycee Member - Hawaii
    • Volunteer at The Honolulu Academy of Arts
    • Mid-Pacific Institute Alumni Association Event Volunteer
    • New Hope Church Volunteer
    • Occidental College Alumni Relations Volunteer

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    My Blog

    Market Shift: To Buy and Sell Now?

    As you may have heard, the real estate market is shifting a bit. The market shift (Buyer's Market now) isn't necessarily a bad thing and doesn't necessarily lead to drastic decreases in property values, at least not in the long-term. Even during the recession in the late 2000s, the largest decrease in median sales price for single-family homes on Oahu was 7.9% from 2008 - 2009 (from $624,000 to $575,000 - see table below) and during this same period, condos decreased 7.1% ($325,000 to $302,000 -...
    Apr 11, 2019 Tips and Advice

    The Pros and Cons of Condo Life

    So you've made the all important step of purchasing a new home but you are still weighing you're options on whether to go with a condo or a single-family home. Although there's many factors to consider, these are some helpful Pros and Cons of condo life that can help you navigate towards deciding if a condo is right for you.These are some general Pros and Cons to consider when purchasing a condo vs a single-family home or a townhouse. Not all may apply to everyone. Ultimately, these factors alon...
    Nov 07, 2018 Tips and Advice

    New Development Watch!: The Central Ala Moana

    I'm excited to share with you one of Honolulu's newest developments, The Central Ala Moana! This will be Sam Koo's second development after the successful Kapiolani Residences (sold out). There will be 202 market units and 310 affordable units available (513 total). Pricing estimated to be a little higher than at Kapiolani Residences based on better views and better quality materials. For those interested in an affordable unit, there will be affordable housing seminars November 10, 11, and 18 w...
    Nov 01, 2018 Real Estate News

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